Hansoul HTC 550

Hansoul HTC 550
Standard Features Optional Features
Full Coolant system AC15 KW spindle motor
Full guard system MT No. 4 hydraulic tailstock
Work lamp MT No. 4 Programmable tailstock
Manual one set Automation door
Adjust tools one set Water gun
Foundation kit Work piece measurement,
Siemens 828D CNC System Chuck blowing
10.4 inches color LCD Air gun
8 inches hydraulic solid hole Oil mist collector
3 jaw chuck Tool setter, air blowing,
Transformer Control valve/single way valve
AC 11KW spindle motor Spray coolant
12 station hydraulic turret Oil-water separator
Hydraulic interlock High & low pressure conversion of chuck
Operation door interlock 8 inches hydraulic through hole chuck
User macros (common 8 inches Hydraulic Solid hold
Variable 600 groups)         Chuck with open & close confirmation
EIA/ISO Code input 10 inches Hydraulic chuck
(standard) End turning tool, boring tool, external
Background tool path         Turning tool
detection High pressure coolant
Thread cutting function Bar pull device
Graphic size direct input         Boring tool sleeve, U drilling tool sleeve F32
USB interface Workpiece measurement
Network interface Tool setter (complete set, automatic)
Three sections work Tool setter (complete set, manual)
Indication light Side chip conveyer
Hard jaw one set Rear chip Conveyer
Soft jaw one set Rotary Chip bucker
Standard tool sleeve and tool holder Parts catcher
  Manipulator robot or articulated robot
  8 station turret