Auto Capston Lathe Machine

Auto Capston Lathe Machine

The latest addition to our range of lathe machine is the Auto Capston Lathe Machine. This machine is most suitable for machining medium to large batches of components requiring accuracy as well as heavy rate of metal removal. It is fitted with automation for turret indexing, cross slide movement and vertical movement. This machine is mainly used for manufacturing components with mass production capacity, mostly for secondary operations like Centering, Drilling, Reaming, Boring, Facing, Grooving.

The term "capstan lathe" overlaps in sense with the term "turret lathe" to a large extent. The word "capstan" could logically seem to refer to the turret itself, and to have been inspired by the nautical capstan. A lathe turret with tools mounted in it can very much resemble a nautical capstan full of handspikes.

These machines are equipped with following special features:

 Automatic 6 station turret with auto indexing using Hydro Pneumatic Cylinders ensures fine feed during drilling, reaming, boring etc.

  • Auto movement for cross and vertical movement.

  • It can perform all operations automatically, lesser cycle time, more precise and highly accurate.

  • Quick pneumatic clamping for faster collet clamping / declamping.

  • Pneumatic Job Ejector.

  • PIC system with 4 line HMI display for Master Operations.

  • Part Number and Job Counter.

  • Safely & faulty alarm indicator with buzzer.

  • Auto loading and unloading of components for higher volume.

  • Easy change for programs by operator for various operations.