SOL 25/110

SOL 25/110

We offer a comprehensive range of Second Operation Lathe with an eye to the minutest details and with built in capabilities for high precision function.


Our range of Second Operation Lathe (SOL 25/110) is best suited for manufacturing components of small and complex turned parts from bar, blank and forgings.


Additionally this machine is offered with the following parts:


Headstock & Spindle Assembly - The headstock and spindle assembly are fabricated from strong cast iron head stock. Additionally precision bearing are assembled on the base frame of MS sheet. These spindles are case hardened, threads are grounded to maintain run out up to 0.005 microns.


Main Drive - Spindle pulley is linked through V belts with a two speed motor assembled inside the cabinet. This machine has the advantage of achieving 16 different speeds and hence our clients can achieve optimum cutting speeds.


Cross Slide and Vertical Slide - This slide is a lever operate and is mounted on the front side. Further, the vertical slide is assembled on the headstock and can be utilized for parting, grooving and chamfering.


Bar Feed system - This is a gravity weight operated bar feed which can be supplied optionally for bar length up to 3 meters.


Coolant System - Compact coolant tanks are fitted with motor inside the cabinet with fittings and electrical switches.


Automatic Threading - This is utilized for threading by using tap or die.


Long Turning Attachment - This is a special longitudinal turning attachment which can be fixed on the cross slide and can be used for turning straight as well as taper turning.


Second Operation Lathes
Round Diameter upto mm 25
Hexagonal Width A/ F upto mm 22
Square Width Al F upto mm 19
Distance Collet to Turret Face upto mm 240
Turning length with attachment upto mm 70
Spindle Speeds mm 125 - 3050
Slide: Cross Slide Travel mm 60
Slide: Vertical Slide Travel mm 25
Main Spindle Motor Power rpm/kw 0.75 / 1.3
Main Spindle Motor RPM rpm/kw 750 / 3000
Coolant Pump Motor Power kw 0.08
Coolant Pump Motor RPM rpm/kw 3000
Net Weight (Approx). kgs 450